Rising Sun Municipal Utilities advises the moratorium on disconnection for utility service ended August 14.  As a result, standard procedures for service and billing for RSMU have resumed.

Customers who are delinquent and/or in arrears (“D/A customers”) on the utility account(s) may set up a payment plan through the RSMU office at 200 N. Walnut St. in Rising Sun and may call 812-438-3616 for more information.  D/A customers who engage in a payment plan prior to August 27, 2020 will not be disconnected; however, D/A customers who fail to enter a payment plan or bring their account current will be subject to disconnection beginning August 27, 2020.

RSMU understands these have been and continue to be difficult times for everyone. RSMU has and will continue to provide our customers with the best service we have to offer.  This promise requires the ability to constantly improve our service capabilities and maintain our utility infrastructure, but such promises come at a cost.  Thus, standard billing practices must resume.

RSMU encourages D/A customers to please take advantage of the payment plan option as well as other local resources to assist in payment of your account.