Thanks to state funding totaling over $682,000 through Community Crossings Grants, the City of Rising Sun will resume paving nine sections of its streets beginning as early as September 18.  Over the next several weeks, the following streets (not in paving order) will be milled then resurfaced by Dave O’Mara Construction with 1-1/2 inches of asphalt (15-year lifespan):

  • First Street from Mulberry to Henrietta
  • Henrietta Street from First to SR 262
  • Henrietta Street from SR 262 to Fourth
  • North Street from Burgess to the dead end
  • Park Avenue from Turner to Ridge
  • Short Street from Fifth to Sixth
  • Smart Drive from Industrial to the dead end
  • Front Street from William to First
  • Sixth Street from Short to Poplar

HMA overlay and curb ramp replacements to meet ADA standards will also be added in these areas.  Some selected sidewalks will be repaired or replaces.  While a street is being milled and paved, there will be no parking on that street from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.  There will be some minor inconveniences, but all are temporary and will yield to much better streets for our community.