The Rising Sun-Ohio County Parks and Recreation Department is sponsoring dance classes for children registered in grades kindergarten through eighth.  Orientation is Tuesday, September 8 from 4 to 7 pm and classes being September 14.  Classes will continue up through the recital in mid-May 2021.

Here is the schedule:

Monday for Ages 5-7
3:30-4:15- Ballet 1
4:30-5:15- Tap
5:30-6:15- Hip Hop

Monday for Ages 8-10
6:30-7:15- Jazz

Tuesday for Ages 8-10
3:30-4:15- Lyrical
4:30-5:15- Ballet 2

Tuesday for Ages 10+
5:30-6:15- Jazz
6:30-7:15- Contemporary

All classes will be held at the Rising Sun Senior Citizen Community Center at 510 S. Mullberry St.  For further information, please call instructor Emily Burress at 812-532-9819 or email her at